Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dental Anatomy Slides For Today

Hey there All Mahsa Dental Students,

The url below is the dental slides that i have uploaded today. It is in .rar file which is a compress file. If you do not have Winrar (da program used 2 open and extract da files), I have included together inside da folder, da file named "winrar 3.71.exe". Just need 2 install it and then u can extract da files. Some(1 or 2) of da slides r quite poor quality n i'm sorry about that. Anyway, please do leave a comment n it would not be a problem for me if you want to request for any files that you want. Take Care.


Ken™ said...

thx! =)

AisYah said...

heheheehhee..... 10 Q my frennnnn